Frequently Asked Questions

Can the cotton spoil or go bad?

No. Simply store the cotton in a dry, sealed location and you can take advantage of the pricing discounts to order your multi-year supply without any worries of waste. The older the seeds get though, there will be reduced germination rates if used in a cross-curricular science unit.

Can the seeds grow?

Yes, but they need lots of love and the right conditions to successfully germinate and grow into a full plant. They can be used in a cross-curricular science unit on the study of plants. Schools with greenhouses have the best chance of harvesting cotton. Planting to harvest is about 6 months.

Why is it so hard to find raw cotton?

Simply put, raw cotton is too valuble to leave as raw cotton.  Farmers and gin owners work as fast as they can to process the harvest to sell the cotton on the open market and to further process the seeds into cotton seed oil, cotton meal for animal feed, and linters (the last bit of cotton off the seed) for use in fine paper, including United States money.